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Capital Region Guitar Show | Saratoga Springs | September 2019 


To say we were excited going into our first trade show is an understatement!

We enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend in Saratoga Springs and interacted with hundreds of guitar players - all ages and ranges of experience. 

Checkout some of the amazing feedback we heard in the videos below. 

"That's a great concept, it's awesome. The grip tape alone and having the pocket, its a really great idea.. I gotta get my buddy to try this."

Collin, 10 years old, met and played with a the inventor.  Feels comfortable and doesn't slide, he was in total control.

"You can kinda sit back and relax, that's nice"

"It's a lot different than what I'm used to.  I feel like I'm not fighting to keep it on my lap. Just stays right there."

"Definitely the easiest way to play acoustic ever"

"I'm little, so its helpful".

"Very unique. It's an amazing idea, I love it".

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