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Charlie, known as "Butch" to family and friends has had a lifelong passion for music.  He learned how to play the guitar at just 10 years old, but quit for a few years because playing the guitar wasn’t comfortable.  The guitar would either slide off his lap, or the strap would burn his neck. In his early teens, he started playing again when his arms were long enough to actually reach around to the guitar, but was still frustrated on how difficult and uncomfortable holding it and playing was. 


Charlie’s passion for guitars doesn’t just involve playing.  As he became a luthier, building guitars from scratch - he came up with the Groove Saddle invention. All of Charlie’s original homemade guitars have GROOVE SADDLES® sound box rest pocket   built into them.   As years progressed, Charlie realized others were craving the comfort of what he built without spending the money for a new guitar.   In his basement, Charlie created different prototypes that allowed him to retrofit a GROOVE SADDLE® onto an existing guitar. In 2016, after encouragement from family and friends, he finalized the process of patenting and trademarking GROOVE SADDLE® sound box rest pocket  .  He’s now on a mission to get  a GROOVE SADDLE® onto all guitars, especially for kids learning to play at a young age, so once they start, they never quit. 


When Charle isn't playing the guitar, he's an avid fisherman and a small business owner of CRAFTSMAN HOME DECORATING.  He has been married to his wife Joan for over 30 years and they play in a band  THE ROXBURY TRIO on the south shore of Long Island.   He is the father of Kelly (an elementary music teacher/owner of a red GROOVE SADDLE®), Casey and Kenny.  He is also the beloved grandfather to Emily, Ryan, Maggie, Leon and the families newest edition Riley!  

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