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Meet The Groove Saddle

The Groove Saddle® sound box rest pocket is an innovative, custom-crafted solution made for those who can't reach the strings or wrap your arms around the fingerboard.  It's comfortable, improves control and stops guitars from sliding off your lap when you are playing. You don't even need a strap when in the seating position!

The Groove Saddle® sound box rest pocket can be applied

to both acoustic and electric guitars.

Are we the guitar modification of the future?


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“When I first started playing, it was tough for me to reach the cords and finger positions. The guitar kept slipping, and forced me to reach even further on the fret board. Now with Groove Saddle, I don’t need a strap.The pocket grips to my leg and doesn't slide away from my body. I have total control and don't struggle at all.  I can jam out all day long. This thing is freaking awesome”

- John, Acoustic Guitarist 

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 5.38.36 PM.png

What I love most, is how its designed to allow the guitar to stay on your leg, which is very important for children who are just learning how to play. Now, as a teacher, I’m spending more time on technique, not adjusting the instrument because it keeping falling off their leg, thanks to the Groove Saddle. This is great for beginners who can be easily frustrated because they cannot hold the instrument correctly because of their size. 


Andy, Elementary School Music Teacher & Guitar Player

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YOUR Guitar

 BETTER Control

 THREE Positions




**More Custom Color Options Available**

Check out our most recent Groove Saddle® copper install on a @TaylorGuitars. 

This new metallic finish is available in gold, silver and copper - creating a hot classy look to match your personalized style. 


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